Quick Tip for Calming and Happiness that you can do anywhere!

I have known that deep breathing is calming. I have found its calming to just take 5-10-15 minutes and focus on breathing in and out. If other thoughts roll in, I acknowledge them and then just let them go and bring my attention back to breathing and focus on “in and out” and I try to be sure I am breathing from the belly. Sometimes I do this at the park, sometimes I lay down with my feet up and I just do this anywhere!

My husband and I started doing Yoga about a 1.5 years ago which has been great for us physically and for our mental health. Our Yoga instructor taught us a another breathing technic called Nadi Shodhana or alterative nostril breathing. It is TERRIFIC and has all kinds of benefits including calming, more mental clarity, improves sleep, she said it activates the nervous system, can reduce blood pressure, enhances respiratory, and balances both hemispheres of our brains and much more!

Alternative Nostril Breathing

You breath in and out through the same nostril holding the other one closed with your finger. I use my thumb and ring finger. You can do this anywhere but if you want to go ahead and sit down in a comfortable position. Try this breathing technic with me with me now.

Technic 1) Place your ring finger lightly on your left nostril and breath in and out through your right nostril. Then rotate sides.

Technic 2) Place your ring finger lightly on your left nostril and breath in, release finger and place thumb lightly over right nostril and release your breath out through the left nostril, then breath in through the left nostril and release through the right. Just keep rotating till you have done this 10 times. YEA! You did it! Now you know a calming, brain balancing and mental clarity technic you can do anywhere!

PRO TIP – If I am feeling uptight or anxious, another thing that sometimes help me if I feel I need it is to do a few stretches and body twists and this helps me be able to relax and focus on breathing.

Learn more Sudarshan Kriya or Nadi Shodhana alternative nostril breathing.