WOW! I just received Lilly Singh aka “Superwoman” new book “How to be a Bawse”, that is right this is all about being your own boss! The book is filled with all kinds of tips and easy steps on how steps and guide to conquering life and is a MUST read! She has a huge following of people from all ages but even better she relates to teenagers as well and her unique delivery method is something they really connect with her. She has been featured in Forbes, CBC, Huffington Post, The Tonight Show, has a huge YouTube following, and much more. We saw her at a book signing recently in Minneapolis and the lines were very long and people waiting hours to get a hug and signing of her book. She is funny, inspiring and an amazing woman with a unique and direct way of delivering her message. She herself confesses she has struggled with depression and decide to change that. She is all about creating happiness and being the boss of your own life.

Eliminating Stress

In one of the chapters of her book she talks about eliminating stress – ok… I am intrigued and want to eliminate stress and you do, too right? Lilly shares that when she has a frustrating day or even the end of any day…. STOP and think, what frustrated me today? She says no item is too small or silly to put on the list so just write it down. Everything and anything, from my phone died, my lips felt chapped, I didn’t eat and my blood sugar dropped, I couldn’t find parking, no matter how big or small it goes on the list. Once you have your list, now take some time to think of ways to tackle these so you can avoid this stress in the future.

Apply It

She even has a little assignment at the end of the chapter asking you to list things that stressed you out this week and find solutions for them. Ok let’s do that now – take a moment of silence, breath deep and think about it and write them down. Now what is the solution to eliminate this stress? OK, that was just one tip the book is full of them! I am so impressed with her book that I am buying more and giving them away as gifts. What a great gift that can help your friends and loved ones “Conquer life”. Wishing you much success in being your own “Bawse” and creating happiness and freedom in your life!